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Materials Testing & Inspections


CTC-Geotek has been providing materials testing and inspections services since the high rise construction of the early 1960's.  In fact, we provided services on nearly all of the structures which create the Denver Skyline of today. 


Geotechnical testing and inspection is critical in providing a stable subgrade to construct upon.  Much of our work invloves construction quality control performed by NICET registered technicians.  This includes testing for proper compaction and moisture of the soils during earthwork operations.


One of our specialty areas is providing drilled pier observation.  We routinely perform inspections on drilled pier caissons ranging from 10 to 120 inches in diameter in a multitude of soil types.


When your project requires highly trained and experienced personnel to inspect, test, observe or design a geotechnical portion of your project CTC-Geotek has the staff that will get the project done on time and within the budget constraints.


CTC has vast experience in concrete reinforcing inspection and testing services. 


Our inspection staff is cerified by the American Concrete Institute. We routinely inspect rebar to ensure the reinforcing steel is in compliance with project drawings and specifications as well as all applicable building codes.


Our field and laboratory concrete technicians quickly and accurately perform compliance and verification testing and inspection. 


These services are performed on a wide variety of cementitious materials.  CTC's years of experience provide in-depth knowledge of construction practices.  In addition to compressive strength and typical physical properties concrete testing we have the know how and capabilities to provide many specialized test for concrete including admixtures, pozolans and mix designs.  Contact us for more in depth testing governed by ASTM and ACI Standards.


CTC-Geotek is a leader in the field of masonry testing and inspection services. 


Our experience covers the full spectrum of masonry construction testing and inspection which includes; laboratory testing of masonry, mortar and grout mix designs or verification of mix designs, as well as special inspections in the field to comply with building code requirements.  At CTC-Geotek we take pride in providing the best possible inspection and testing in the industry for our region.  


Our structural steel inspectors are certified to ICBO, AWS & CWI standards. 


ICBO certification for all our certified welding inspectors is a must.  We use the most state of the art methods to test full penetration welds and are well trained to visually identify defects of weldments.  With our three decades of experience, you can be assured of our expertise in all facets of construction, from highrise office buildings to civic improvement projects.  Whatever your requirements for testing and inspection of structural steel entail, CTC-Geotek will provide the experienced, certified staff to complet the project on time and within budget. 

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