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Phase I ESA Map

Environmental Consulting Services

CTC-Geotek has been providing environmental services for over 7 years on over 300 sites throughout our service area.

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act)

NEPA's as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is an investigation which provides and assessment of whether a proposed site may affect a designated Wildlife Area, Wildlife Preserve, Endangered Species, Historical Place, Indian Religious Site, or if the proposed site is located within a floodplain, wetlands area or waterway.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Phase I ESA's are performed in accordance with ASTM Standard E 1527 and inclde, but are not limited to, an inspection of the site and surrounding properties; a review of the site history; and an examination of existing well data in the site vicinity. Appropriate local environmental and health organizations are contacted to obtain information concerning the past and/or present status of the site relative to the potential for contamination. A formal report is then prepared documenting our findings and procedures used, observations made, and an assessment of any environmental liabilities associated with the site.

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