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CTC-Geotek was formed through the merging of two prominent consulting engineering firms whose roots date back to the 1960's. Colorado Test Center (CTC) was formed in 1962 and was the First Structural Steel inspection firm in Colorado, specializing in structural & reinforcing steel as well as concrete construction testing and inspection services. Geotek Consultants was formed in 1960 and provided geotechnical engineering services.

In 1986 these two prominent consulting engineering firms merged to create CTC-GEOTEK, Inc. Since 1986, CTC-Geotek has expanded its services and now includes, Phase I Environmental Studies, Geologic Studies, Geotechnical Investigations and Engineering, Materials Testing and Inspections, Product Testing and Forensic Investigations.

CTC-Geotek provides a complete range of services beginning with environmental, geological and geotechnical services and following through with comprehensive construction materials testing for new construction.  We can also provide evaluation of materials properties on existing structures, determining structural integrity after fire damage, and monitoring the extent and growth of structural stress fractures. 


CU Boulder ~ Folsom Field East Stadium Expansion & SkyBox Addition

Our firm has provided services on more than 35,000 projects of varying size and complexity since beginning operations in the early 1960ís.

Our diverse specialty testing services have included evaluation of riveted trusses, reinforcing corrosion analysis, determination of structural properties for wood frame timbers, light gauge metal framing and full scale anchor and frame proof load testing. Clients include property owners, engineers, architects, contractors, attorneys, manufacturers, municipalities, commercial organizations and real estate developers.


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